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About our Farm

A look back

Our Story

A $1 bell pepper. That’s how it all started.

Before we had a farm, we would go to our local grocery markets and buy produce and fresh eggs just like everyone else. We would sit at home and talk about where these expensive products were coming from. What was in these products? Were they treated with chemicals to eradicate pests or preserve their shelf life? And what about this $1 bell pepper? Why does it cost a dollar?  We knew we could do better than that. And so we created City Farm.

Our passion is growing organic products that are guaranteed to be local, organic, fresh and free from any chemicals or toxins that may cause harm. We love to help keep Colorado healthy and happy.

How we got here

Our Farm's History

Of all the places on earth, we decided to build a house and establish a private farm here in beautiful Montrose Colorado. Along with growing alfalfa, our farm became home to pigs, cows and chickens which we used to feed our family.

We brought in more chickens and started commercially selling eggs. The chicken population grew from just a handful to over 200 chickens at this point. Customers from all over the county loved our local eggs and that’s what motivated us to keep growing.

We started producing hydroponics and along with our eggs, we started selling organic herbs at local grocery stores all over the county. Our green selection included lettuce, basil and other organic herbs.

We started becoming more recognized, not just in our county but all over colorado as our eggs filled the shelves of major grocery store chains including Natural Grocers, Clark’s Market and Safeway.

With over 3000 hens, two poultry barns, and an egg processing barn, we now have over 200 contracts and are now in over a hundred stores all over colorado. We want to become Colorado’s favorite producer of organic products and we’ve got plans to expand.